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  Bling Bling
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Toll Free Access.
Rounding: 1 Minutes
Monthly Fee: 30 Mid night fees
Additional Fee: None
Connection Fee: None
Service Fees: 20 % Service Fee
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 Additional Legal Info
Rates are Subject to change without prior notice. Last update on 4/29/2010 12:05:22 PM

Dialing Instructions
  1. At the tone, enter your PIN number
  2. Follow the voice instructions.
    For Domestic calls: 1 + area code + number
    For International calls: 011 + country code + city code + telephone number
  3. To make another Please press # #
Country Highlight For:  Bling Bling
Rates: A   D   G   J   M   P   S   V  
Country Rate Connection Fee $2 Card $5 Card $10 Card $20 Card
Western Samoa 48¢0 3 10 21 42
Western Samoa-cellular 56¢0 2 9 18 36
Rates: A   D   G   J   M   P   S   V  
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